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our vision

To provide relief to all teenage girls across WA at risk and in need.

our program

Team Connect’s outreach program is available exclusively to young females at risk and in need. It uses cricket to assist in the provision of benevolent relief. Cricket was chosen as the vehicle to provide relief for a number of reasons, including:

  • it is a team sport which encourages collaboration, strategy and a team effort – important transferable skills for school and life
  • the amount of side-line time involved in the game creates a discrete opportunity to build relationships and for participants to receive emotional and other support in a relaxed environment
  • no previous experience is required – making the program accessible to all abilities and cultures
  • it fosters a positive approach to physical activity – enabling young girls to engage sport which enhances their physical and mental welfare.

Team Connect works with schools to nominate at-risk children to participate and then engages with local cricket teams, to implement the outreach program across suburbs of Perth.

The program has been running since 2018, during which time Team Connect has developed a structure of collaboration with these community entities for a public benevolent purpose.


our story

In 2017, our founder Margie Oldfield completed a Diploma of Youth Work at North Metropolitan TAFE. On completion of her Diploma, Margie was inspired to create her own initiative to support young people at risk of disengaging from school.

Margie established Team Connect in 2018 to foster a safe and open space for young females and their families to congregate, learn, share and experience relief from distress and isolation.

Team Connect has developed a successful outreach program which involves
collaboration with schools, councils and other community entities for a public benevolent institution purpose.

Since inception, hundreds of girls from over 40 different nationalities have
participated in the Team Connect program.


Everyone benefits from involvement in Team Connect.

Outcomes of this program include:

  • improved self-esteem
  • development of life skills in resilience, patience and team work
  • establishment of connections beyond home and school and in the community and
    foundation of a support network for the future
  • reduction in truancy
  • increased participation and inter-student interaction at school
  • mentoring and fostering of healthy relationships
  • development of practical skills which may support future employability and
    community contribution
  • exposure to positive role models
  • increased social exposure and interaction for participants and their families
  • opportunity for family to deepen community connections by attending matches
  • future education opportunities: accreditation in areas such as umpiring, scoring,
    coaching-skills that could be useful on a resume.
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how it works

Schools, community clubs and volunteers come together to enable teams of girls to play

high school agrees to work with Team Connect


school nominates team of teachers to liaise
with us


teachers identify girls to form a team


Team Connect aligns the team to a local club and completes registrations


Team Connect provides all equipment, kit, transport and volunteer support



our volunteer committee overseas the operation of Team Connect and our volunteer coordinator staff member works with our founder Margie to run the program

team connect

Get in touch with our team for more information or to get involved in our program.

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