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Faqs: general

Cricket was chosen as the vehicle to provide relief for a number of key reasons, including:


  • it is a team sport which encourages collaboration, strategy and a team effort – important transferable skills for school and life
  • the amount of side-line time involved in the game creates a discrete opportunity to build relationships and for participants to receive emotional and other support in a relaxed environment
  • no previous experience is required – making the program accessible to all abilities and cultures
  • it fosters a positive approach to physical activity – enabling young girls to engage sport which enhances their physical and mental welfare.

School student services staff nominate participants.


Team Connect notes it is important to be flexible when determining who is eligible to participate and uses a guided list of circumstances to work with schools through this process.

Participation is completely free for schools, players and, of course, volunteers.

Team Connect provides all uniforms, equipment and kit.

Team Connect provides a healthy morning tea at matches for participants and their families.

Teams train after school on the school oval.
Matches are scheduled as part of the community cricket program. This means that teams will play either at their home location or away. Team Connect provides transportation to all away games if required.

The cricket season runs from October to March every year, with a break over the Christmas holidays.
During the season, matches are on a Saturday morning and are usually over by 10.30am.

Each team’s home ground ise local. Team Connect provides transport to and from away matches for participants and their families if required. The journey is an important part of the program where participants connect and families are given the opportunity to attend and socialise.

We partner with schools and clubs across metropolitan Perth, from Butler to Kwinana.
We rely 100% on grants, sponsorships and donations.

We are a volunteer-led not-for-profit organisation.

We welcome financial, in-kind, volunteer and skill-based contributions to ensure our program remains free of charge to players and schools.

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